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Welcome to the web site of the

American Historic Juke Box Society!


We hope your visit to our site is a pleasurable one, and we invite your comments and

suggestions. Since 1985, the AHJBS, an open club, has been restoring and preserving some

of the greatest treasures of our musical past, the juke box. It is an open membership club,

and we invite anyone with an interest to join. The "ABOUT THE AHJBS" page will tell you

a little more about the club, and a membership application form can be downloaded from

the forms provided at the bottom of that page. Although based in eastern Pennsylvania, we

currently have 150+ active members all over the United States and into Canada. Most members do have a juke box (or many!) but it is not a requirement. As you cruise through the pages here, you will see many pictures of juke boxes belonging to our members that have been fully restored to working condition. It seems to be the love of music that drives many of us to acquire, restore, and enjoy juke boxes in our homes as well as offering them for sale

sometimes to those who wish to own a piece of history. So relax and cruise through our site,

and maybe something here will spark some great memories!









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